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Introduction to Notion

In this workshop, we'll learn all about what is possible with Notion and help you get started with this versatile tool. We'll look at examples of a few templates to understand the range of possibilities. Finally, we'll build your very first task manager and personal website together.

❇️ Personal Use

💼 Professional Use

🏢 Company HQ

🖥 Websites and Landing Pages

💰 Monetizing

👔 Notion Consulting

What We’ll Build

👉 Vensy’s Personal HQ Template

Vensy’s Personal HQ Template

Resources and Links

  1. Build in Public
  2. Twitter Growth Playbook
  3. Build your website with Notion

🎓 How to build your portfolio on Notion- Youtube Tutorial

🖥 Presentation

🎁 Download all my FREE Notion templates


Screenshot your final Notion build and share it on Twitter by tagging @vensykrishna and the best entries will win a template of your choice from my Gumroad store.

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